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« Exotic Rice Toast Review
Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toast

Organic Creamed Coconut Review
Let’s Do…Organic® Creamed Coconut

Organic Creamed Coconut Reviewiherb has published these reviews of our Let’s Do…Organic® Creamed Coconut:

“Great price, great product

Creamed coconut is not the same as condensed coconut milk. It contains coconut-meat solids and is pulpier/thicker, and will not taste like coconut milk by thinning it out with water. What you get: inside the green box you see in the picture is a plastic-wrapped block of creamed coconut. Unless your house is very warm, it will be rock-hard. I fill a bowl with hot tap water and immerse the entire package, then knead it with my fingers after a few minutes. Repeat a couple of times, then snip the package open and pour/squeeze it out like toothpaste for use in cooking. If you don’t use the entire package all at once it will resolidify; that’s what real coconut cream does. That’s why I love these little packages, as opposed to the 16-oz jars of other brands.

Interesting Texture (just discovered)

I use many products from Coconut but in France I can not find creamed coconut. You just use a touch, recommended to prevent heart issues, but still enjoying ‘fatening’ side. I appreciate fair trade orientation of the product and the high standard ‘packaging’ + use Promo code MQT318 THANKS IHERB SAFE organic food

All about coconut love!

I love coconut in every form. If you tried coconut butter, I would say ,that this product is very much like coconut butter in consistency. I like the price of this product will reorder, I promise.

I love it!

A bite or three of this makes a tasty treat. The oil seems to separate out so I put the plastic shrink-wrap inner packet in a bowl of very warm water for 10 minutes or so, then squeeze it together in my fingers till it’s mixed then pop it in the fridge to harden up for a slight crunch (if you put it in the freezer but take it out before it’s fully hardened you get a hard outside and runny middle!). It makes a filling, satisfying, healthy-fat, non-sweet treat for me. My son and husband both love it too. PS. It’s not really what I’d use for cooking. I’d stick with the coconut milk – much smoother. But, if you’re looking for something to chew on, I find this much more satisfying than coconut butter because the slight fiber gives this more crunch and less “gooeyness”; Also, I keep it in the fridge and take it out for a bite or so but I don’t recommend keeping it at room temperature as it gets quite soft and in then not as appealing in my mind. I love it – Thank you iHerb for selling it!

Good, chewy texture!

I’ve seen some reviews call this brand “gritty” or something like that; I just find it slightly chewy, a little like the texture of the grated or flaked coconut used to garnish cakes. If you must have super smooth, use a different brand, but this one is good, and a great price too! In the colder months, I find the packaging easier to deal with since it’s in a smaller amount and I can cut it all out of the bag and crack off a piece, instead of trying to chip through the layer of oil at the top of the jar.

NOT milk.

This really should be renamed. Cause the product is good. Really good. But it is not milk, at all. it is more like coconut oil, with coconut in it. The best use I have found for it is for making my own chocolate, or cakes. But it is not something I would use as a milk replacement, at all. Be aware of what you are buying, and you will most likely enjoy it. But if you are looking for something similar to canned coconut milk? This is not it.

the best

This is the best tasting and texture of coconut cream I’ve ever had. It is wonderful and the price is unbelievable. Thanks, iherb, for shipping to Romania!


perfect for thailand-type soups, sauces, ect.:)

good tasty coconut

just like artisan’s coconut cream, really good.

Great product.

Very tasty,natural,handy small packages.

Real coconut milk or cream using this

I had previously used creamed coconut from another brand that wasn’t organic, so I was glad to find this one here. I use it to make coconut milk. Here in Spain it’s hard to find cans or bricks of real coconut milk, not the ones filled with thickeners and not very high quantity of coconut, at a reasonable price, even more if it’s organic. I just heat some water, as much as the coconut milk needed for the recipe, and then add creamed coconut until it gets the right thickness. It’s definitely cheaper than buying cans (also more Earth-friendly, much less packaging), and you get the real stuff, just water and coconut. Mine was liquid when I opened it, it was a hot day, but it gets solid when the weather’s colder. Now I kow it’s much easier and less messy to use it liquid, will keep it in mind from now on. Oh, and keep it refrigerated after the first use, it lasts for months in good condition.

Sweet Taste

When i purchased this product I thought I bought package of dehydrated coconut milk. The product turned out great, with a sweet taste, but was actually what I would call a cross between coconut oil, coconut milk solids and coconut flesh. My fault. Good product though.


I love a coco in any kind. I liked it very much! Something such as oil with a large number of small planed coco. Fat moderately. Baunti nearby didn’t lie. Kindled in hot water, poured in formochka for ice and in the freezer. Very conveniently. Got a cube, it is possible in ice-cream, it is possible to eat so, it is possible in a batch.”

Find Great Organic Coconut Recipes Here.
Purchase Let’s Do…Organic® Organic Coconut singles at Edward & Sons store.
Purchase Lets Do…Organic® Organic Coconut In Bulk at
Click Here to find a store near you.
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