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« Organic Mashed Potato Review
Edward & Sons Mashed Potatoes

Organic Creamed Coconut Review
Let’s Do…Organic® Creamed Coconut

Exotic Rice Toast Review
Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toast

Epinions has published this review of our Edward & Sons Exotic Rice Toast:

Exotic Rice Toast Review“My son loves his gluten free crackers!

Let’s just face it- there is a lack of crackers out there for anyone with gluten or wheat allergies. Add to the fact that my son cannot have egg and dairy- it eliminates all “cheddar” type gluten-free crackers and many brands (like Glutino) because they use egg. When I came across this Edward and Sons Exotic Rice Toast (in Jasmine Rice and Spring Onion) in a box at my local gluten-free store, I read the ingredients and decided to give it a try for my son. Good thing I did, because he LOVES them!
My son is 5 and gets excited when I can find him some crackers that 1. that he can eat despite many food allergies and 2. that actually taste good. I bought these because they seemed like they would be flavorful. He thinks they are flavorful and crunchy and with this,he isn’t missing out on his old favorite types of crackers.

There are 4 servings per box (around 7 crackers per serving). The ingredients are; Brown Jasmine rice flour, natural tapioca starch, organic evaporated cane juice, expeller-pressed palm oil, salt, onion powder, maltodextrin, parsley flakes, yeast extract, and natural vitamin E oil. These crackers do contain soy (oil) and are made on equipment also with dairy (but considered milk-free).

These have a lot of flavor and my son loves them, in fact so much he ate them up in one day. They are super crunchy, too. I was worried he wouldn’t like the “onion” taste, but I was wrong, he is super excited about these.

I will definitely be buying these more often, especially if we have a party to attend, holiday get-together, or he is going overnight to the grandparents. He can top them with anything like his tasty dairy-free cheese (Daiya), lunch meats or sausage, but he loves them mostly on their own. I try to help him feel as normal as possible, and with gluten-free foods like this, he gets to have his crackers too!”

Recommended: Yes

Purchase Edward & Sons™ Exotic Rice Toast™ singles at Edward & Sons store.
Purchase Edward & Sons™ Exotic Rice Toast™ 12 Packs at
Click Here to find a store near you.
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