Natural & Organic Sprinkelz™ Review
Let’s Do…®Sprinkelz™

Natural & Organic Sprinkelz™ ReviewNotes From Dawn has published this review of our Natural & Organic Sprinkelz™:

“Edward & Sons offers a variety of foods with simple preparation and natural ingredients. Their motto: “convenience without compromise”. That idea is as great as lets say …..sprinkles and ice cream. Let’s Do…® is one of the Edward & Sons’ brands. My yummy review was for the Let’s Do…®Sprinkelz™.

Tired of the artificial ingredients and fake colors in all the usual cake decorations and dessert toppings? Let’s Do…®Sprinkelz™ are festive and delicious natural decorations for all your frozen desserts and baked goods. I topped Chocolatey Sprinkelz on strawberry frozen yogurt and Autumn topped Carnival Sprinkelz on chocolate frozen yogurt.

The ingredients are listed on the website. There’s nothing artificial. And, Edward & Sons is a vegetarian company, so none of the products contains any meat ingredients. Gluten-free, too. You can purchase Sprinkelz at a local retailer or online at the Edward & Sons website. Are you thinking dessert?”

Let's Do Organic® & Edward & Sons™ Sprinkelz™
Purchase Sprinkelz™ singles at Edward & Sons store.
Purchase Sprinkelz™ 6 Packs at Amazon.com.
Click Here to find a store near you.
Republished by EdwardandSons.com

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