Organic Croutons Review
Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons

My Little Goober has published this review of our Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons: “Italian Herbs Organic Croutons – I have been eating more salads but I cannot eat them plain. One thing that just seems to go with a salad is croutons. To me, a salad is not a salad unless these are included.… Continue reading »

Edward & Sons™ Product Reviews

From Spoonful of Sugar Free comes these delicious reviews: “In 1978, Edward’s and Sons started with the Miso Cup. From there, they have grown into quite a large company that tries to accommodate many different special diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher. However, the company is foremost a vegetarian company that does not include… Continue reading »

Organic Crouton Review
Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons

Smart Girl Reviews was kind enough to try our Edward & Sons™ Organic Croutons – here’s a sample of what she found: “My favorite is the Italian Herbs Organic Croutons.  I find they are perfect on  all types of salads and soups. They are also small enough for my little boy’s small mouth…we have had… Continue reading »